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List of Governors of Maryland USA

List of Governors of Maryland USA – In this article, you will find all the Governors of Maryland, the list of Governors of Maryland, all the Governors of Maryland with their tenure, and political party.

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List of Governors of Maryland USA (1777 – 2023)

S.n.GovernorTerm FromTerm ToParty
1Thomas Johnson21 March 177712 November 1779
2Thomas Sim Lee12 November 177922 November 1782Federalist
3William Paca22 November 178226 November 1785
4William Smallwood26 November 178524 November 1788
5John Eager Howard24 November 178814 November 1791Federalist
6George Plater14 November 179110 February 1792
7James Brice (acting)13 February 17925 April 1792Federalist
8Thomas Sim Lee5 April 179214 November 1794Federalist
9John Hoskins Stone14 November 179417 November 1797Federalist
10John Henry17 November 179714 November 1798Democratic-Republican
11Benjamin Ogle14 November 179810 November 1801Federalist
12John Francis Mercer10 November 180113 November 1803Democratic-Republican
13Robert Bowie15 November 180310 November 1806Democratic-Republican
14Robert Wright12 November 18069 June 1809Democratic-Republican
15Edward Lloyd9 June 180916 November 1811Democratic-Republican
16Robert Bowie16 November 181125 November 1812Democratic-Republican
17Levin Winder25 November 18122 January 1816Federalist
18Charles Carnan Ridgely2 January 18168 January 1819Federalist
19Charles Goldsborough8 January 181920 December 1819Federalist
20Samuel Sprigg20 December 181916 December 1822Democratic-Republican
21Samuel Stevens, Jr.16 December 18229 January 1826Democratic-Republican
22Joseph Kent9 January 182615 January 1829Democratic-Republican
23Daniel Martin15 January 182915 January 1830National Republican
24Thomas King Carroll15 January 183013 January 1831Democratic
25Daniel Martin13 January 183111 July 1831National Republican
26George Howard11 July 183117 January 1833National Republican
27James Thomas17 January 183314 January 1836Whig
28Thomas W. Veazey14 January 18367 January 1839Whig
29William Grason7 January 18393 January 1842Democratic
30Francis Thomas3 January 18426 January 1845Democratic
31Thomas Pratt6 January 18453 January 1848Whig
32Philip F. Thomas3 January 18486 January 1851Democratic
33Enoch Louis Lowe6 January 185111 January 1854Democratic
34Thomas W. Ligon11 January 185413 January 1858Democratic
35Thomas H. Hicks13 January 18588 January 1862American; later Republican
36Augustus Bradford8 January 186210 January 1866Unionist
37Thomas Swann10 January 186613 January 1869Democratic
38Oden Bowie13 January 186910 January 1872Democratic
39William Pinkney Whyte10 January 18724 March 1874Democratic
40James B. Groome4 March 187412 January 1876Democratic
41John Lee Carroll12 January 187614 January 1880Democratic
42William T. Hamilton14 January 18809 January 1884Democratic
43Robert Milligan McLane9 January 188427 March 1885Democratic
44Henry Lloyd27 March 188511 January 1888Democratic
45Elihu Emory Jackson11 January 188813 January 1892Democratic
46Frank Brown13 January 18928 January 1896Democratic
47Lloyd Lowndes, Jr.8 January 189610 January 1900Republican
48John Walter Smith10 January 190013 January 1904Democratic
49Edwin Warfield13 January 19048 January 1908Democratic
50Austin Lane Crothers8 January 190810 January 1912Democratic
51Phillips Lee Goldsborough10 January 191212 January 1916Republican
52Emerson C. Harrington12 January 191614 January 1920Democratic
53Albert C. Ritchie14 January 19209 January 1935Democratic
54Harry W. Nice9 January 193511 January 1939Republican
55Herbert R. O’Conor11 January 19393 January 1947Democratic
56William Preston Lane, Jr.3 January 194710 January 1951Democratic
57Theodore R. McKeldin10 January 195114 January 1959Republican
58J. Millard Tawes14 January 195925 January 1967Democratic
59Spiro Agnew25 January 19677 January 1969Republican
60Marvin Mandel7 January 196917 January 1979Democratic
61Blair Lee III (acting)4 June 197715 January 1979Democratic
62Harry R. Hughes17 January 197920 January 1987Democratic
63William Donald Schaefer20 January 198718 January 1995Democratic
64Parris N. Glendening18 January 199515 January 2003Democratic
65Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.15 January 200317 January 2007Republican
66Martin J. O’Malley17 January 200721 January 2015Democratic
67Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.21 January 2015IncumbentRepublican

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