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List of Governors of Maine USA

List of Governors of Maine USA – In this article, you will find all the Governors of Maine, the list of Governors of Maine, all the Governors of Maine with their tenure, and political party.

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List of Governors of Maine USA (1820 – 2023)

S.n.GovernorTerm FromTerm ToParty
1William King15 March 182028 May 1821Democratic-Republican
2William D. Williamson28 May 18215 December 1821Democratic-Republican
3Benjamin Ames5 December 18212 January 1822Democratic-Republican
4Daniel Rose2 January 18225 January 1822Democratic-Republican
5Albion K. Parris5 January 18223 January 1827Democratic-Republican
6Enoch Lincoln3 January 18278 October 1829Democratic-Republican
7Nathan Cutler8 October 18296 January 1830Democratic
8Joshua Hall6 January 18309 February 1830Democratic
9Jonathan G. Hunton9 February 18305 January 1831National Republican
10Samuel E. Smith5 January 18311 January 1834Democratic
11Robert P. Dunlap1 January 18343 January 1838Democratic
12Edward Kent19 January 18382 January 1839Whig
13John Fairfield2 January 183912 January 1841Democratic
14Richard H. Vose12 January 184113 January 1841Whig
15Edward Kent13 January 18415 January 1842Whig
16John Fairfield5 January 18427 March 1843Democratic
17Edward Kavanagh7 March 18431 January 1844Democratic
18David Dunn1 January 18443 January 1844Democratic
19John W. Dana3 January 18443 January 1844Democratic
20Hugh J. Anderson3 January 184412 May 1847Democratic
21John W. Dana12 May 18478 May 1850Democratic
22John Hubbard8 May 18505 January 1853Democratic
23William G. Crosby5 January 18533 January 1855Whig
24Anson Morrill3 January 18552 January 1856Republican
25Samuel Wells2 January 18568 January 1857Democratic
26Hannibal Hamlin8 January 185725 February 1857Republican
27Joseph H. Williams25 February 18576 January 1858Republican
28Lot M. Morrill6 January 18582 January 1861Republican
29Israel Washburn, Jr.2 January 18617 January 1863Republican
30Abner Coburn7 January 18636 January 1864Republican
31Samuel Cony6 January 18642 January 1867Republican
32Joshua Chamberlain2 January 18674 January 1871Republican
33Sidney Perham4 January 18717 January 1874Republican
34Nelson Dingley, Jr.7 January 18745 January 1876Republican
35Seldon Connor5 January 18768 January 1879Republican
36Alonzo Garcelon8 January 187917 January 1880Democratic
37Daniel F. Davis17 January 188013 January 1881Republican
38Harris M. Plaisted13 January 18813 January 1883Greenback / Democratic
39Frederick Robie3 January 18835 January 1887Republican
40Joseph R. Bodwell5 January 188715 December 1887Republican
41Sebastian Streeter Marble15 December 18872 January 1889Republican
42Edwin C. Burleigh2 January 18894 January 1893Republican
43Henry B. Cleaves4 January 18932 January 1897Republican
44Llewellyn Powers2 January 18972 January 1901Republican
45John Fremont Hill2 January 19014 January 1905Republican
46William T. Cobb4 January 19056 January 1909Republican
47Bert M. Fernald6 January 19094 January 1911Republican
48Frederick W. Plaisted4 January 19111 January 1913Democratic
49William T. Haines1 January 19136 January 1915Republican
50Oakley C. Curtis6 January 19153 January 1917Democratic
51Carl E. Milliken3 January 19175 January 1921Republican
52Frederic Hale Parkhurst5 January 192131 January 1921Republican
53Percival Proctor Baxter31 January 19217 January 1925Republican
54Owen Brewster7 January 19252 January 1929Republican
55William Tudor Gardiner2 January 19294 January 1933Republican
56Louis J. Brann4 January 19336 January 1937Democratic
57Lewis O. Barrows6 January 19371 January 1941Republican
58Sumner Sewall1 January 19413 January 1945Republican
59Horace A. Hildreth3 January 19455 January 1949Republican
60Frederick G. Payne5 January 194924 December 1952Republican
61Burton M. Cross24 December 19526 January 1953Republican
62Nathaniel M. Haskell6 January 19537 January 1953Republican
63Burton M. Cross7 January 19535 January 1955Republican
64Edmund Muskie5 January 19552 January 1959Democratic
65Robert Haskell2 January 19597 January 1959Republican
66Clinton Clauson7 January 195930 December 1959Democratic
67John H. Reed30 December 19595 January 1967Republican
68Kenneth M. Curtis5 January 19672 January 1975Democratic
69James B. Longley2 January 19753 January 1979Independent
70Joseph E. Brennan3 January 19797 January 1987Democratic
71John R. McKernan, Jr.7 January 19875 January 1995Republican
72Angus King5 January 19958 January 2003Independent
73John Baldacci8 January 20035 January 2011Democratic
74Paul LePage5 January 20112 January 2019Republican
75Janet Mills2 January 2019IncumbentDemocratic

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