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List of CBI Directors of India (1963- 2021)

List of CBI Directors of India (1963- 2021)

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the premier investigating agency of India. CBI functions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (India). it’s aim was to investigate bribery and governmental corruption in the country.

Here, We have provided you a List of CBI Directors of India between 1963 and 2021.

List of CBI Directors of India

S.N.CBI Directors NamePeriod FromPeriod To
1D. P. Kohli1 April 196331 May 1968
2F. V. Arul31 May 19686 May 1971
3D. Sen6 May 197129 March 1977
4S. N. Mathur29 March 19772 May 1977
5C. V. Narasimhan2 May 197725 November 1977
6John Lobo25 November 197730 June 1979
7R. D. Singh30 June 197924 January 1980
8J. S. Bajwa24 January 198028 February 1985
9M. G. Katre28 February 198531 October 1989
10Dr. A. P. Mukherjee31 October 198911 January 1990
11R. Sekhar11 January 199014 February 1990
12Vijay Karan14 February 19901 June 1992
13S. K. Datta1 June 199231 July 1993
14K. V. R. Rao31 July 199331 July 1996
15Joginder Singh31 July 199630 June 1997
16R. C. Sharma30 June 199731 January 1998
17D. R. Karthikeyan31 January 199831 March 1998
18Dr. T. N. Mishra31 March 19984 January 1999
19Dr. R. K. Raghavan4 January 199930 April 2001
20P. C. Sharma30 April 20016 December 2003
21U. S. Misra6 December 20036 December 2005
22Vijay Shanker Tiwari12 December 200531 July 2008
23Ashwani Kumar2 August 200830 November 2010
24A. P. Singh30 November 201030 November 2012
25Ranjit Sinha3 December 20122 December 2014
26Anil Sinha3 December 20142 December 2016
27Rakesh Asthana 2 December 20161 February 2017
28Alok Kumar Verma1 February 201710 January 2019
29M. Nageshwar Rao 24 October 20184 February 2019
30Rishi Kumar Shukla4 February 20193 February 2021
31Praveen Sinha 3 February 202125 May 2021
32Subodh Kumar Jaiswal25 May 2021Present

About Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Motto or PurposeIndustry, Impartiality, Integrity
HeadquartersNew Delhi
Founder Indian Govt
Founded1st April 1963
DirectorSubodh Kumar Jaiswal (Present)

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