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List of Boycott Israel Products in 2023

The ongoing boycott is delivering a significant economic impact on Israel. Muslims are boycotting purchasing Israeli goods in order to convey a message to Israel. Muslims are wanting to cease actions that harm innocent Muslims, such as displacements and acts of violence within their own country.

Israel Products List to Boycott

Moroccan citizens have decided to abstain from supporting companies and institutions that are associated with pro-Israel positions or have completed insensitive statements about the Palestinian cause. 

On October 15, 2023, BDS Morocco, a domestic organization related to the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, started a campaign, aimed at encouraging the boycott of pro-Israeli companies.

This campaign was launched during a nationwide anti-normalization event in order to draw the participation of numerous activists and political figures.

List of Israeli Products to Boycott

S.NoBrand Name/Product
9Coca Cola
10Eden Spring

Boycott Israel Products List 2023 – Clothing & Fashion Accessories

  • Source Sandals (Tekking and hiking sandals)
  • Elie Tahari
  • TNT (clothing)
  • Tzomet Sfarim
  • Gottex (Designer swimwear)
  • Honigman
  • Kenvelo
  • Naot (Shoes, sandals)
  • YVEL (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets)
  • Leibish & Co. (Natural fancy color diamonds Fine jewelry)
  • Cassidi
  • Castro
  • Fox (Clothing)

Boycott Israel Products List 2023 – Food & Dairy Products

  1. L’Chaim Vodka
  2. Neviot (Spring water)
  3. Noblesse (cigarette)
  4. Osem (company)
  5. Rabl (company)
  6. Strauss Group
  7. Tara (Israel)
  8. Tempo Beer Industries
  9. Time (cigarette)
  10. Tiv Ta’am
  11. Tnuva
  12. Landwer Coffee
  13. Lone Tree Brewery
  14. MacDavid
  15. Max Brenner
  16. Mey Eden
  17. Angel Bakeries
  18. Bamba (Snack)
  19. Berman’s Bakery
  20. Bissli (Israeli wheat snack)
  21. Carmel Agrexco
  22. Carmel Winery
  23. Cow Chocolate
  24. Ein Gedi Mineral Water
  25. Galilee Green
  26. Vodka Perfect
  27. Wissotzky Tea
  28. Klik (Candy)
  29. Krembo

Boycott Israel Products List 2023 – Drugs, Health, Medicine & Food Products

  • Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Super-Pharm
  • CardiacSense Ltd

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