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Kerala Fibre Optic Network project

Kerala Fibre Optic Network project – Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched the KFON, Kerala Fibre Optic Network project at Shankaranarayanan Thambi Hall of the State Legislative Assembly. The Kerala Fibre Optic Network project aims to ensure internet facilities for all at affordable rates in the State.

  • It also aims to provide free internet to over 20,00,000 poor families.
  • It will bridge the digital divide in society by providing internet facilities at a lower rate.
  • In the first phase of the KFON initiative, Internet facilities will be delivered to 30,000 government institutions and fourteen thousand houses in the State.

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What is KFON? || എന്താണ് കെഫോൺ ?

Kerala Govt considered the existing network infrastructure available with the government as well as service providers in the state to see the suitability and preparedness for the upcoming bandwidth requirements in the state. Kerala Govt planned to create the Kerala Fibre Optic Network (KFON), a state-wide optical fibre network capable of efficient service delivery, assured Quality of Service (QoS), reliability, interoperability, redundancy, security and which is scalable for meeting future bandwidth demands.

  • Due to low business potential, high CAPEX and stringent RoW conditions, There is limited fibre infrastructure with existing TELCOs in the rural areas.
  • In rural areas, High-speed wireless connectivity (3G/4G) is limited and companies will require to set up more towers to provide such services.
  • The existing connectivity through Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN) has been limited to 3,800 government offices and is highly dependent on service providers.

How To Apply For K FON Broadband Kerala 2023

The K Phone Kerala Registration and connection will be supplied to the citizens by the local vendor. The concerned department will offer all the details of the eligible beneficiaries and deliver them with internet connections. the process of How connections will be provided is not clear. The state declared internet connectivity as a basic need.  

kfon kerala registration online

Register Here

Official Website

KFON Networks

KFON Networks
Image: kfon.kerala.gov.in

How will KFON help new entrepreneurs?

KFON will boost the start-up ecosystem in the state, and as a result, economic growth will be boosted in the state. It will also offer a wide array of opportunities for product and service incubators.

KESB benefits from the KFON project

KFON implementation will obtain the following benefits to KSEB.

  • Free Fibre Connectivity to KSEBL offices.
  • Dedicated Fibre is allocated in core and access networks of KFON for the upcoming requirements of KSEBL like Smart Metering.
  • Revenue from Pole Rental charges will rise since KFON will utilise 70 to 80% of KSEB poles.
  • The profit share of KSEB will be 40%.
  • No liability on KSEBL for the borrowed capital.

Can communities use KFON to build an intranet?

Yes, communities can use KFON to build an intranet. govt is working on the concept of free internet for citizens, more and more communities can set up safe community networks that can tap into the KFON network.

Kerala Fibre Optic Network project – FAQ

Which agency is implementing the KFON network?

Bharat Electronics Limited is leading a consortium consisting of BEL, RailTel, SRIT & LS Cables and Systems for implementing KFON.

Who is the consultant for the KFON project?


What will be the criteria for getting free internet connectivity?

economic backwardness.

How will free internet connectivity be given?

Free connectivity to economically backward households will be delivered by KFON through a selected service provider in your area.

Who will lay fibre cable to homes?

The local ISP/TSP/cable TV providers will lay the cable to homes.

How to apply for a KFON connection at home?

KFON will not supply any household connectivity.


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