Karnataka passes watershed project ‘REWARD’ worth of Rs 600 crore

Karnataka passes watershed project REWARD

  • The Cabinet of Karnataka state has passed a project named ‘Rejuvenating Watersheds for Agriculture Resilience through Innovative Development (REWARD)’. The main objective of REWARD project is to ensure soil and water conservation in 20 taluks with low groundwater levels in the state.
  • The Cabinet has approved Rs 600 crore for this project. Apart from this, the World Bank is also going to provide 70 per cent fund for the project. it will give 420 crore rupees and Karnataka state Govt will provide 30 per cent of the expenses which are 180 crore rupees.
  • The REWARD project will include 50,000 hectares of parched land with depleted groundwater table for watershed growth in each of the 20 taluks to develop the groundwater table.
  • taluks are: Bagepalli, Challakere, Shikaripur, Gundlupet, Harapanahalli, Sira, Arsikere, Kadur, Bailhongal, Athani, Hirekerur, Hungund, Kundgol, Bagewadi, Ron, Jewargi, Basavakalyan, Manvi, Yelburga, and Shahapur.

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