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Jitendra Singh announces India’s first indigenously developed vaccine “CERVAVAC” for the prevention of cervical cancer

Jitendra Singh has announced India’s first indigenously developed vaccine, “CERVAVAC” for the prevention of cervical cancer, which will be an affordable and cost-effective vaccine. Cervical cancer is the 2nd most prevalent cancer in India and is responsible for nearly one-fourth of the world’s cervical cancer deaths despite being largely preventable.

  • Every year, approximately 1.25 lakhs women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and over 75 thousand die from the disease in India.
  • 83 % of invasive cervical cancers are attributed to HPVs 16 or 18 in India, and 70% of cases worldwide.
  • a vaccine called ‘Cervavac’ was developed entirely indigenously and will be introduced in April 2023.
  • the serum company will launch this product.
  • This vaccine will be administered to girls aged 9 to 14 years under the National Immunization Program.


  • CERVAVAC has been developed by DBT and BIRAC with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has been supported by Serum Institute of India Private Limited for the indigenous development of quadrivalent vaccine through its partnership program ‘Grand Challenges India’.

Mission Covid Suraksha

  • Mission Covid Suraksha marks major achievements such as
  • (i) the World’s first DNA Vaccine for COVID-19 Development by Cadila Healthcare which received Emergency Use Authorization on 20 August 2021,
  • (ii) India’s first mRNA Vaccine and intranasal vaccine candidate Development against COVID-19.

key initiatives

  • Indo-US Vaccine Action Programme,
  • National Biopharma Mission,
  • Ind-CEPI Mission,
  • Mission COVID Suraksha

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