Jammu and Kashmir Govt ends a 149-Year-Old Practice Of ‘Darbar Move’

Jammu and Kashmir Govt ends a 149-Year-Old Practice Of ‘Darbar Move’

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has ended the 149-year-old biannual tradition of government officials of shifting capitals between Srinagar and Jammu, named the ‘Darbar Move’.

  • To regard this, the govt issues a notice to employees to vacate their accommodations in both the cities within three weeks under Darbar Move.
  • Govt’s employees working in the civil secretariats in Jammu and Srinagar would move between the two cities twice every year as the administration would use Jammu as its winter capital and Srinagar as its summer capital. This practice was called the ‘Darbar Move’.

What is the “Darbar Move”?

in 1872, The Dogra ruler Maharaja Ranbir Singh began the practice of ‘Darbar Move’. it was named to honor the Ranbir Penal Code of Jammu and Kashmir. in 2019, the Indian Penal Code took place of the Ranbir Penal Code after the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution.


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