Iran Develops Its Most Powerful Supercomputer “Simorgh”


Iran Develops Its Most Powerful Supercomputer “Simorgh”

Iran has launched a new supercomputer named ‘Simorgh’. Simorgh is 100 times more powerful than the previous supercomputer of the country to date.

simurgh supercomputer Details

  • Developed by – Tehran’s Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT).
  • performance capacity0.56 petaflops
  • Use: artificial intelligence workloads, traffic and weather data, and image processing.
  • capacity – can reach one petaflop in two months.

Top 5 fastest supercomputers in the world

  1. Fugaku (Japan)
  2. Summit (US)
  3. Sierra (US)
  4. Sunway TaihuLight (China)
  5. Tianhe-2 (China)

most powerful computer in india

  • PARAM-Siddhi AI
  • Mihir 

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