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International Stuttering Awareness Day 2021

International Stuttering Awareness Day 2021

Every year, International Stuttering Awareness Day is observed on 22nd October in every part of the world since 1998. The main purpose of this day is to raise public awareness of the issues faced by people who stutter, or stammer.

  • The stuttering communities and associations organize events and campaigns on this day across the world. such steps mark how certain aspects of society can be difficult for people who stammer. even, they also face negative attitudes and discrimination in the world.

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International Stuttering Awareness Day Theme 2021

  • The Theme of International Stuttering Awareness Day 2021: “Speak the change you wish to see”.
  • In 2020, The theme for ISAD (International Stuttering Awareness Day) was “Journey of Words – Resilience and Bouncing Back.”

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What Is Stuttering?

  • It is a communication disorder that has disruptions, or “disfluencies,” in a person’s speech. the stuttering word is used to mark the people who stutter and who stutter may experience.


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