International Literacy Day 2020


International Literacy Day 2020

The day of 8th September is observed as International Literacy Day across the globe annually. the main objective of this day is to mark the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

  • UNESCO announced to celebrate this day on 26th October 1966 during 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference. later, in 1967, this day was celebrated by people.

International Literacy Day: History

  • On 26th Oct 1966, UNESCO took the decision to observed 8th September of the year as International Literacy Day. it aimed to fight against worldwide issues of illiteracy. along with it, it also purposed to boost literacy as a tool in order to make individuals empower as well as communities.

International Literacy Day Theme 2020

2020Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.
2019Literacy and Multilingualism
2018Literacy and Skills Development

Importance of International Literacy Day –

  • UNESCO is focusing to make improvements for literacy worldwide. as a result, UNESCO is working for promoting International Literacy Day with the help of governments, charities, local communities, and experts in the field globally. every year, UNESCO issues a Theme about it that marks attention on literacy in all its forms in a changing world.

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