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International Customs Day 2023

International Customs Day 2023 – Every year, International Customs Day is marked by World Customs Organisation (WCO) on January 26th, aimed at commemorating the WCO’s maiden session held in 1953. the day aims to raise awareness about the role Customs authorities play in the seamless movement of goods across borders and their importance in the cross-border regulatory apparatus.

  • International Customs Day also recalls their significant role in customs administration around the globe.

International Customs Day 2023: Theme

  • The theme of International Customs Day 2023 is “Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in Customs”.

International Customs Day 2023: History

  • In 1952, The WCO, previously known as the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC), was formed in Brussels to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of customs administrations.
  • The council conducted its inaugural session on January 26, 1953.

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