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Intel launches AI For All drive with Ministry of Education and CBSE

Intel launches AI For All drive with Ministry of Education and CBSE

Chipmaker company Intel has launched the initiative called ‘AI For All’ in the collaboration of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Ministry of Education. the main purpose of the ‘AI For All’ initiative is to create awareness and a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) among everyone in India.

  • Intel has set a target to introduce AI to 1 million citizens in its first year through ‘AI For All’.

What is ‘AI For All’ drive

  • The ‘AI For All’ is a 4-hour and self-paced online learning program.
  • it helps in explaining AI in an easy and inclusive manner.
  • The program is applicable to everyone like students, or even a stay-at-home parent, a professional in any field, or even a senior citizen.

AI For All Sections

The course has been divided into two sections,

  1. AI Awareness (1.5 hours)
  2. AI Appreciation (2.5 hours).

Section 1: AI Aware

  • Defines what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Talks about Human Intelligence
  • Helps to differentiate AI and non-AI machines, and Unravel popular misconceptions around the technology.

Section 2: AI Appreciate

  • Explains the different domains of AI, their impact on various industries
  • Elaborates about the principles of responsible AI and AI ethics

AI For All self-learning online course: how to sign up

interested people can visit the website @ https://cbseacademic.nic.in/aiforall.html.


What is AI For All?

AI For All is a self-learning online program that has been designed to raise public awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country.

What is the duration of this program?

The program has been divided into two sections: the first is AI Aware, and the second is AI Appreciate. Both sections can be completed in about four hours.

What is AI For All Course Content?

Candidates will cover the Basic understanding of AI, its applications, and myths and misconceptions around it and Knowledge of the key domains of AI -Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Statistical Data; their impact on various industries, AI Ethics, and the principles of responsible AI


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