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information platform Aarogyapath

information platform Aarogyapath

  • On 14th June, CSIR has begun a Supply Chain Portal named as “Aarogyapath”. Aarogyapath is a kind of a platform that was developed by CSIR in partnership with Sarvodaya Infotech and institutional users and manufacturers / authorized suppliers of healthcare essentials. Aarogyapath’s purpose is to fill the critical gaps in last-mile delivery of patients care across the India through improved availability and affordability of healthcare supplies.


  • single-point availability of key healthcare goods and will play role in addressing many issues such as time-consuming processes to identify good qualities products, lack of awareness about the latest product launches, dependence on limited suppliers and so on.
  • platform will be like a bridge between manufacturers and customers. that will decrease the gaps in connectivity. as a result, it will provide a real-time availability of critical healthcare supplies.

information platform Aarogyapath


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