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Important Events Of 25th February

Important Events Of 25th February

Soviet Occupation Day (Georgia)

The day of 25th February is observed as Soviet Occupation Day in order to commemorate the Red Army invasion of Georgia in 1921.

  • In Georgia, on this day, a holiday is observed.
  • In the year 2010, this day was created and in 2011, this day came into existence.

List of Events of February 25

1862 President Abraham Lincoln introduced
Paper currency (greenbacks) in the US
1919 Oregon (the US) state became the 1st state
who levy a gasoline tax.
1921 Bolshevist Russia occupied Tbilisi ( Republic of Georgia).
1928 Charles Jenkins Laboratories of Washington,
D.C received the first broadcast license for television.
1933 The first US Navy ship The USS Ranger was launched.

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