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How to use DragGAN Ai Photo Editor?

How to use DragGAN Ai Photo Editor? – Suppose a world where people could learn Photoshop, but without having to deal with the technicalities associated with it. A new tool that utilises the power of generative AI and allows users to do just that. Meet DragGAN, a user-friendly tool that enables users to make significant alterations to images using simple point and drag controls.

DragGAN enables users to drop a point on an image, altering the structure and entire pixels.

DragGAN Ai Photo Editor

The interface is all around adding a starting point and an ending point to an image. for e.g., users can add two points at the corners of their mouth and two additional points slightly further away if they are looking for creating a smile on a person’s face.

Click on the Start button and the tool animatedly inflates the mouth from the start points to the endpoints. A masking feature of DragGAN will allow you to highlight specific parts of an image they wish to alter while leaving the rest untouched.

DragGAN Tool hallucinates image data, smartly generating pixels from thin air, and filling in gaps that will otherwise need plenty of Photoshop work to brush up to perfection.

DragGAN will help in addressing the biggest drawback of image generation tools – their randomised nature.

If DragGAN is paired with image generation tools, you can achieve outputs closer to the image they have in mind.

How to use DragGAN Ai Photo Editor?

  • Change Hair Color
  • To make look like a Targaryen is to change your hair colour. If you are looking for dark hair, try going for a platinum blonde shade, if you have lighter hair, will need to try a deep red or black.
  • Change Outfit Color
  • Can change the colour of your clothes in the photo. For example, you can change a blue dress into a green one click.
  • Change Eye Color 
  • It has bright violet eyes. So why not change your own eye colour to match?

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