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First tourist on space walk by Russia in 2023

First tourist on space walk by Russia

  • The Energia space corporation of Russia makes an announcement that they will take first tourist on a spacewalk in the year 2023 in the collaboration of a US partner. an agreenment has been signed between Energia and Space Adventures. as per agreenment, two space tourists can go for the International Space Station (ISS).

Important Points (First tourist on space walk by Russia) –

  • A contract has been made between Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space tourism company and USA space agency NASA. after, Energia announces. the Contract aims to promote private missions to the station after a special training program in the USA.
  • In The month of March SpaceX stated that they will send three people in the year 2020 using its own space tourism trip

About Energia space corporation –
Founder – Sergei Korolev
Founded – 26 August 1946
Headquarters – Korolyov, Russia

About Space Adventures –
Founded – 1998
Headquarters – Vienna, Virginia, US
Founders – Eric C. Anderson, Peter Diamandis

About NASA –
Headquarters – Washington
Founder – Dwight D. Eisenhower
Founded – 1 October 1958
Administered by – Jim Bridenstine

About SpaceX –
CEO – Elon Musk
Founder – Elon Musk
Founded – 6 May 2002
Headquarters – Hawthorne, California

About Russia –
Capital – Moscow
President – Vladimir Putin
Currency – Russian Rouble
Prime minister – Mikhail Mishustin

First tourist on space walk by Russia

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