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First Gene based high accuracy COVID-19 test

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First Gene based high accuracy COVID-19 test

First Gene-based high accuracy COVID-19 test (FELUDA): On 20th Sept 2020, The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has announced its approval for FELUDA test. Feluda is useful to identify and it targets the genetic material of Sars-CoV2. we all know that Sars-CoV2 is the causative virus of CoronaVirus.

Developed by

  • The FELUDA is a notable success for the Indian scientific community. that is available in a period of fewer than 100 days. it provides high-accuracy, scalable and reliable test facility.
  • The scientists of Delhi-based Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology and CSIR institutes have Developed this testing kit. they have kept its name as FELUDA testing kit. Tata group company will begin production of FELUDA kits.

Highlights –

  • In the country, it is only one Covid-19 testing kit that is available yet and it is based on CRISPR technology.
  • Feluda test will help in detecting active Covid-19 cases. it will use CRISPR CAS 9 based readout on a paper strip. it is the 1st ever kit to detect infections for SARS-CoV-2.
  • The Kit will have 96 per cent of sensitivity and 98 per cent of specificity that will help in detecting the novel coronavirus.
  • The FELUDA Test cost will be around Rs 600. The test will function properly under laboratory conditions.

About Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) –

  • Headquarters: New Delhi

Q.1 Name of Organization that manage Global Procurement, the supply of COVID Vaccines?

[su_spoiler title=”Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]UNICEF[/su_spoiler]

Q.2 Name of the board that created the COVID19BMW App in order to track Biomedical Waste?

[su_spoiler title=”Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]Central Pollution Control Board[/su_spoiler]

Q.3 What is the name of Minister that introduced the largest network of 5 dedicated COVID19 Biorepositories?

[su_spoiler title=”Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]Harsh Vardhan[/su_spoiler]

Q.4 Indian has signed an agreement with which country in order to develop rapid testing for COVID19 in under 30 seconds?

[su_spoiler title=”Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]Isreal[/su_spoiler]

Q.5 ADB has provided How many million USD to India as Support COVID19 Response?

[su_spoiler title=”Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”]3 Million USD[/su_spoiler]

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