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Draupadi Murmu President Of India GK Questions And Answers

Draupadi Murmu President Of India GK Questions And AnswersDraupadi Murmu has been appointed as the 15th President of India and also has become the second female President of India. She is the 1st tribal woman who was elected as the President of India. She served as the first female governor of Jharkhand. She was born in Mayurbhanj, Odisha.

In this article, You will find important MCQ GK questions and answers on Draupadi Murmu for the students preparing for competitive exams.

1. Draupadi Murmu is associated with which political party?

a) Biju Janata Dal
b) Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)
c) Shivsena
d) Congress

Answer 1: B) Bhartiya Janta Party

2. Draupadi Murmu served as the Governor of which state?

a) Assam
b) West Bengal
c) Jharkhand
d) UP

Answer 2: C) Jharkhand

3. In which year, Draupadi Murmu was elected as the councillor of Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat?

a) 1987
b) 1999
c) 1997
d) 1998

Answer 3: C) 1997

4. Draupadi Murmu was honoured with which award and was presented by the Odisha Legislative Assembly, name it?

a) Neelachakra Award
b) Nilkantha Award
c) Khel Ratna Award
d) Padma Shree Award

Answer 4: B) Nilkantha Award

5. Who served as the first woman governor of Jharkhand, name it?

a) Puspa Devi
b) Draupadi Murmu
c) Sita Murmu
d) None

Answer 5: B) Draupadi Murmu

6. Who is the first female tribal leader, who hails from Odisha state?

a) Sulata Deo
b) Draupadi Murmu
c) Rita Tarai
d) None

Answer 6: B) Draupadi Murmu

7. Draupadi Murmu was honoured with the Best MLA in which year?

a) 2005
b) 2006
c) 2007
d) 2008

Answer 7: C) 2007

8. Draupadi Murmu assumed the charge of Commerce and Transportation for a period from ———–.

a) 6 March 2000 to 7 April 2003
b) 6 March 2000 to 6 August 2002
c) 6 April 2005 to 6 January 2006
d) 6 June 2000 to 6 November 2000

Answer 8: B) 6 March 2000 to 6 August 2002

9. For which party, did Draupadi Murmu serve as the Vice-president?

a) Bhartiya Janta Party’s Schedule Tribes Morcha
b) Biju Janata Party’s Schedule Tribes Morcha
c) Congress
d) None

Solution 9: A) Bhartiya Janta Party’s Schedule Tribes Morcha

10. Who is the second female President of India in 2022 after Pratibha Patil?

a) Draupadi Murmu
b) Mamata Banerjee
c) Sonia Gandhi
d) None

Answer 10: A) Draupadi Murmu

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