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Dr. Frank Wilczek Receives 2022 Templeton Prize

Dr. Frank Wilczek Receives 2022 Templeton PrizeFrank Wilczek has been honoured with the 2022 prestigious Templeton Prize awarded to individuals whose life’s work embodies a fusion of science and spirituality.

  • Frank Wilczek is the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist and is an author renowned for his boundary-pushing investigations into the fundamental laws of nature.

About Templeton Prize:

  • The Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion was established by John Templeton.
  • it is called the Templeton Prize in 1972.
  • This was investor Sir John Templeton’s first major philanthropic venture.
  • The inaugural Templeton Prize (1973) was presented to Mother Teresa.

Dr Frank Wilczek

  • Dr Frank Wilczek is an American Theoretical physicist and author who won the Nobel Prize (in Physics) in 2004.
  • He was awarded the Templeton Prize 2022, the world’s largest individual lifetime achievement award, valued at over $1.3 million.
  • He was the 6th Nobel laureate to receive the Templeton Prize since its inception in 1972.

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