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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 12 August 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 12 August 2022: it is based on Current Affairs 2022 and Important News. Current Affairs Quiz for Bank Exams 2022 questions will help candidates in scoring marks for the General Awareness Section of the upcoming exams like IBPS PO/Clerk Mains, SBI PO Mains and SEBI Grade A Prelims. every candidate must attempt the Current Affairs Quiz.

1)When is International Youth Day observed?

A) 13th August
B) 10th August
C) 11th August
D) 12th August

Answer: D

Explanation: International Youth Day (IYD) is observed on August 12 annually across the world. the main objective of this day is to Pay attention to governments and others regarding youth issues worldwide.

2) Cabinet approved the extension of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U) up to a period of ——————.

A) December 2025
B) December 2022
C) December 2023
D) December 2024

Answer: D

Explanation: Housing for All” Mission till 2024– The Union Cabinet has approved the continuation of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U) up to December 31, 2024, the cabinet was chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

3) World Elephant Day is observed on which date?

A) August 12th
B) August 10th
C) August 11th
D) August 8th

Answer: A

Explanation: Every year, World Elephant Day is observed on August 12 globally, aimed at the preservation and protection of the global elephants. World Elephant Day aims to create awareness of elephant conservation and to share knowledge and positive solutions for the better protection and management of wild and captive elephants.

4) The 2022 BRICS Games will not feature which game?

A) Taekwondo
B) Breakdancing
C) Chess
D) Wushu

Answer: A

Explanation: The 2022 BRICS Games will have only three competitive events, such as breakdancing, chess and Wushu (Chinese martial arts).

5) PM Modi inaugurated 2G Ethanol Plant in which city/state?

A) Bathinda
B) Ghaziabad
C) Panipat
D) Hyderabad

Answer: C

Explanation: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi JI has dedicated the second generation (2G), Ethanol Plant, in Panipat, Haryana to the nation through a video conference on August 10, 2022, on the occasion of World Biofuel Day.

6) Winner of the 2022 UEFA Super Cup?

A) Real Madrid
B) Barcelona
C) Milan
D) Eintracht Frankfurt

Answer: A

Explanation: Real Madrid wins the 2022 UEFA Super Cup for a record-equalling 5th time, in the final match, Real Madrid beat Eintracht Frankfurt, 2-0 on August 11, 2022, in Helsinki, Finland.

7) RBI cancelled the licence of Rupee Co-operative Bank to cease banking business effective from September 22, 2022, the lender Rupee Co-operative Bank is located.

A) Gandhinagar
B) Bhopal
C) Lucknow
D) Pune

Answer: D

Explanation: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cancelled the banking licence of Pune-based Rupee Co-operative Bank due to the following an order from the Bombay High Court. The Bombay High Court order will be the effect after 6 weeks from August 11, 2022.

8) James Marape was elected as the Prime Minister of which country?

A) New Zealand
B) the Philippines
C) Papua New Guinea
D) Cyprus

Answer: C

Explanation: The Parliament of Papua New Guinea has decided to choose unopposed the incumbent Prime Minister James Marape. James Marape has been sworn in as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and will start his 2nd term on August 10, 2022.

9) Who is the author of the book titled ‘Rusty Skies and Golden Winds’?

A) Meghna Pant
B) Nikita Singh
C) Kanishk Tharoor.
D) Sannidhya Sharma

Answer: D

Explanation: Union Minister Jitendra Singh launched a book titled ‘Rusty Skies and Golden Winds’, has been written by an 11-year-old, standard 7 student, Sannidhya Sharma.

10) Theme of the 2022 International Youth Day (IYD)?

A) Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages
B) Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health
C) Youth Engagement for Global Action
D) Safe Spaces for Youth

Answer: A

Explanation: 2022 Theme of International Youth Day (IYD): Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.

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