Coronavirus in India, need to know – active Cases, Deaths and how many recovered

Coronavirus Updates 2020 –

Coronavirus updates 2020: known as (COVID-19) is an infectious disease reasoned by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most infected people will have to face mild to moderate respiratory illness and they will be recovered after without requiring special treatment. in most of the cases, Older people and other people who are facing medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer, there is a possibility to convert in serious illness.

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total corona cases in India full list – ( India )

Coronavirus Cases:






Here is total coronavirus updates cases in India, state-wise

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 33

Andhra Pradesh – 1930

Arunachal Pradesh – 1

Assam – 63

Bihar – 591

Chandigarh – 169

Chhattisgarh – 59

Dadar Nagar Haveli – 1

Delhi – 6542

Goa – 7

Gujarat – 7796

Haryana – 675

Himachal Pradesh – 50

Jammu and Kashmir – 836

Jharkhand – 156

Karnataka – 794

Kerala – 505

Ladakh – 42

Madhya Pradesh – 3614

Maharashtra – 20228

Manipur – 2

Meghalaya – 13

Mizoram – 1

Odisha – 294

Puducherry – 9

Punjab – 1762

Rajasthan – 3708

Tamil Nadu – 6535

Telangana – 1163

Tripura – 134

Uttarakhand – 67

Uttar Pradesh – 3373

West Bengal – 1786

Coronavirus updates full list india

Q.1 Which age of people are most at risk for the coronavirus disease?

Ans : According to WHO, all people can get infected by the coronavirus disease. however, older people, people who are taking medical conditions, children and those who have low immunity, they can get infected very easily.

Q.2 What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

Ans : it can be different, depends on cases but, the recovery time is almost 14 days for mild cases and for severe cases it may take 3 to 6 weeks time to recover.

Q.3 Is the coronavirus disease new?

Ans : Yes, COVID-19 or coronavirus disease has been found new which was discovered in the last year 2019.

Q.4 What will happen if you get infected by coronavirus disease?

Ans :If a person get infected with COVID-19 Disease, symptoms will start showing after 5 to 6 days like mild respiratory symptoms and fever, or flu.

Q.5 Can COVID-19 Disease can spread through air?

Ans : COVID-19 disease can be transmitted through droplets when a person infected with the disease may cough, sneeze or speak. Hence, WHO and nations govt has advised to maintain social distancing, staying at home and use protective gears.

Q. 6 Is coronavirus disease zoonotic?

Ans : Yes, its true COVID-19 disease is a zoonotic disease, has been transmitted from animals to humans and first time cases were seen in Wuhan, China.

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