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Chinese Language Day

Chinese Language Day :

Today Top Current Affairs 20th April 2020 :  Every Year, On 20th April’s Day is observed as Day of Chinese Language . This day aims to provide information about the contribution of Chinese literature, poetry, and language in world culture.

  • If we talk about UN, UN has also observed Chinese Language Day to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. Along with it, The United Nations (UN) is also working to encourage its 6 languages they are : Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  •  UN promotes these languages via the Organization. in Novemeber, 12 2020, UN observed as Chinese Language day first time.
  • however, in the year 2011, UN changed the date 20 April as Chinese Language in the world.

History of Chinese Language

  • The history of Chinese language is very interesting. the Chinese language is one most complex language in the world. people believes that Chinese language came in existence before thousands of years. it is very difficult to know about this language because researchers could not find its origins.
  • Chinese language is known as the category of Sino-Tibetian language family. Cangjie invented The written Chinese language. afterwards, there were different dialects for different provinces of China. the main objective of this day is to honor Cangjie.

About China :
Capital: Beijing
Currency: Renminbi
President: Xi Jinping


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