China’s 1st Solar-Powered Drone cum Satellite “Qimingxing-50”

China’s 1st Solar-Powered Drone cum Satellite “Qimingxing-50” – China’s first fully solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle completes its maiden test flight with all onboard systems functioning optimally. The drone named “Qimingxing-50” has a wingspan of 164-ft and is a large machine powered entirely by solar panels. It can fly above the 20-km altitude where there is stable airflow with no clouds.

  • The drone can operate in near-space – 20 km to 100 km above the Earth’s surface and can carry out satellite-like functions.
  • It is also referred to as ‘High Altitude Platform Stations’ or pseudo-satellites.
  • Morning Star-50 Drones are cost-effective to build and are also easy to launch and operate.
  • It can conduct high-altitude reconnaissance, apart from monitoring forest fires, providing communication and environment relay.

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