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Calabria Italy Offer | $33K to Move in? How to Apply & Know the rules?

Calabria Italy Offer | $33K to Move in? How to Apply & Know the rules? – There is news that The region of Calabria (Italy) almost introduced such a scheme to increase the population in villages. According to the reports, eligible people will be offered around $33000.

However, you will have to fulfil a few conditions (rules) to take the benefits of the scheme. Here, we will discuss the Calabria Italy offer in detail.

What is the Calabria Italy Offer?

Calabria is located at the very tip of Italy’s boot, surrounded by the magnificent crystal blue Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas and separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina. Calabria’s warm climate, stunning sea colors, rocky coasts that alternate with sandy beaches, wild and mysterious nature, strong and authentic flavors of regional cuisine, and remnants of its ancient origins make it a one-of-a-kind destination that vacationers can enjoy both in winter and summer. The provinces of Calabria are: Catanzaro (regional capital), Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Crotone and Vibo Valentia.

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What is the Calabria Italy Offer Rules?

  • Applicants will have to take up residency in Italy
  • The new residents can start a new business or acquire an existing one in order to get that financial support.
  • The age omust not be more than 40 years
  • Selected applicants must migrate within 90 days

Calabria Italy Offer – Apply

The application form for Calabria Italy Offer will be released soon.



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