Bashar Al-Assad Re-Elected as Syrian President for 4th Term


Bashar Al-Assad Re-Elected as Syrian President for 4th Term

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is appointed as the President of the country. he got 95.1 percent of the total votes cast.

  • He will serve as the 19th President of Syria since 17 July 2000.
  • He will assume the post for his 4th straight 7-year term.

Bashar Al-Assad Biograhpy

He is a politician from Syria country and has been serving as president of the country since 17 July 2000. He is also the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces and regional secretary of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party’s branch in Syria.

Full nameBashar Hafez al-Assad
Born11th September 1965
Born PlaceDamascus, Syria
PartyArab Socialist Baath Party – Syria Region
EducationDamascus University (1988), Homs Military Academy
WifeAsma al-Assad
Children – Zein al-Assad,
– Karim al-Assad,
– Hafez al-Assad

About Syria:

  • President: Bashar al-Assad
  • Capital: Damascus
  • Currency: Syrian pound
  • Official language: Arabic


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