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Amazon Quiz Answers Today: 10th December 2023

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 10th December 2023– Amazon Quiz Answers Today has been started on Amazon App Now. Players can submit the correct Amazon quiz answers today. By entering the Amazon quiz lucky draw, you can win a Pay Balance. The Amazon Pay Balance quiz will also increase your general knowledge.

Amazon Quiz Answers: Overview

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz
Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize:Pay Balance
Amazon Quiz Date:10-12-2023
Amazon Quiz Time:12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Winners Announcement1:59 PM

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 10th December 2023

Q1- Cabinet of which Indian state approved development of the first phase of the Bhubaneswar metro rail project?

Answer 1 () – Odisha

Q2- India’s oldest male medallist at the Asian Games, Jaggy Shivdasani, played which sport?

Answer 2 () – Bridge

Q3: Which sport is set to return to the Olympics after 128 years in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics?

Answer 3 () – Cricket

Q4- Who was known as Brown Bomber in this sport?

Answer 4 () – Joe Louis

Q5- Which is the shortest donkey in the world?

Answer 5 () – KneeHi

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 9 December 2023 Win 500

Q1- After 72 years, the RIAF roundels were replaced with the Tricolour roundel on the new ensign of which entity?

Answer 1 () – Indian Air Force

Q2- In 2023, who became the oldest captain to lead India in an ICC Cricket World Cup match?

Answer 2 () – Rohit Sharma

Q3: Samia Suluhu Hassan, who visited India in October 2023, is the president of which country?

Answer 3 () – Tanzania

Q4- Who used this fruit to treat depression, fever and sore throat?

Answer 4 () – Ancient Romans

Q5- Which actor voices this character in the marvel movies?

Answer 5 () – Vin Diesel

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 8.12.2023

Q1- Which country declared a state of war in October 2023 after Hamas fired over 5,000 rockets from Gaza?

Answer 1 () – Israel

Q2- Which cricketer hit the fastest century in the ODI World Cup in 40 balls?

Answer 2 () – Glenn Maxwell

Q3: Who won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics for her research into the factors that explain pay gaps between men and women?

Answer 3 () – Claudia goldin

Q4- From which slasher themed movie did this mask originate?

Answer 4 () – Purge

Q5- Due to emissions of which refinery is this building turning a yellow-brown?

Answer 5 () – Mathura oil refinery

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 7.12.2023

Question 1 – M Bawendi, L Brus, and A Yekimov were awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery and synthesis of what?

Answer – Quantum dots

Question 2 – Akshata Murty is the First Lady of which country?

Answer – UK

Question 3 – The Spanish company PLD Space launched Europe’s first fully private rocket. Name it.

Answer – Miura-1

Question 4 – Which famous guitarist from the following most famously used this particular guitar?

Answer – Angus Young

Question 5 – Name the architect who designed this famous glass pyramid in France.

Answer – IM Pei

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 5.12.2023

Q1- In India a metro rail test was successfully operated underwater for the first time in which city?

Answer 1 () – Kolkata

Q2- Salim Durani represented India in which sport?

Answer 2 () – Cricket

Q3: Elon Musk announced that he’s working on a ChatGPT alternative that acts as a “maximum truth-seeking AI”. What is it called?

Answer 3 () – TruthGPT

Q4- A famous outlaw with the same name as this bird operated in which European country?

Answer 4 () – England

Q5- Who invented this game?

Answer 5 () – James Naismith

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 4 December 2023

Q1- Aman Sehrawat has won India’s first gold medal at the Asian _______ Championships 2023.

Answer 1 () – Wrestling

Q2- In 2023, which country became the 31st member of the NATO?

Answer 2 () – Finland

Q3: Which is the world’s largest science prize founded by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg, Julia and Yuri Milner?

Answer 3 () – Breakthrough Prize

Q4- Who is the only person who doesn’t need this document for travel purposes?

Answer 4 () – Queen Elizabeth II

Q5- Where does the ‘famous three’ of this animal refusing to speak, see and hear evil come from?

Answer 5 () – Japan

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 1 December 2023

Q1- Which country has shut down its last three nuclear power plants in April 2023?

Answer 1 () – Germany

Q2- In 2023, which Delhi Capitals player became the fastest batsman to score 6000 runs in IPL?

Answer 2 () – David Warner

Q3: Nandini Gupta, who has been crowned as Femina Miss India 2023, belongs to which state?

Answer 3 () – Rajasthan

Q4- Where is the oldest tree of this fruit found in India?

Answer 4 () – East Khandesh

Q5- This animal represents which direction in China?

Answer 5 () – West

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How to Play the Amazon Answer and win quiz?

Step 1: First, Download and install the Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. (If you don’t have an App).

Step 2: Open the Amazon App.

Step 3: Now, you must log in or create a new account to play the Amazon quiz.

Step 4: How to Join the Amazon Quiz: Follow these steps >> Go to the homepage and scroll down in the Amazon app >> Offers Section >> click on Amazon Quiz 8 AM to 12 PM.

Note: Users can also join the quiz to do this Menu >> Programs and Features >> FunZone.

Step 5: Here, you will just click on the Amazon Quiz Banner & tap on the “Start” button to play the quiz

Step 6: Attempt the five questions correctly to win exciting prizes.

Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers

The world’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon has launched several quizzes under its FunZone section including Daily Quiz as well as some Special quizzes. Here, we have provided Amazon Daily Quiz Questions and Answers daily.

The Amazon Daily Quiz will have 5 questions related to Current Affairs and General Knowledge. All you have to do is answer all five questions correctly and you can have a chance to win daily exciting rewards. The name of the winners will be announced on the very next day.

How To Find Amazon Daily Quiz Answers?

You can visit our website daily to find Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers. we keep updating answers to Amazon Daily Quiz on a daily basis.

When Winners Of The Amazon Daily Quiz Will Be Announced?

The Winners of the Amazon Quiz will be announced on the next day. Sometimes, Amazon announces Special quiz winners on a specific date.

How To Find The Amazon Quiz Today’s Questions?

To find Today’s Amazon Daily Quiz questions, Go to FunZone look for the Daily Quiz banner and start playing the quiz. You will get all the questions one by one. When you will answer the first question, the next question will be shown on the screen.

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