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Alliance for Poverty Eradication

Alliance for Poverty Eradication :

  • On 30th June 2020, India has been as a founding member of the United Nation(UN)’s ‘Alliance for Poverty eradication’. it was launched President of the 74th United Nation’s General Assembly(UNGA) Tijjani Muhammad-Bande.
  • The main purpose of it is to pay attention on efforts to boost the global economy and end poverty after COVID 19 pandemic.
  • India has become as Founding Member and stated that ending poverty lies in guaranteed quality education, health, clean water, housing and social security.

Important Points:-

  • The Alliance for Poverty Eradication will be serving as a forum member that will aim to create awareness about the danger possesed to world peace, human rights and sustainable developments by poverty.
  • Agriculture sector will be Modernised and new jobs will be created to get the goal of reducing poverty.
  • Poverty eradication has been kept at top Among the 17 Sustainable Development goals. More over, almost 2 billion people has classified as poor in the world and 767 million people who are living in extreme poverty.

ABout United Nations –
Headquarters – New York
Founded – 24 October 1945
Subsidiaries – World Health Organization
Secretary general – António Guterres


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