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55 mph Speed Limit Day – January 2, 2024

55 mph Speed Limit Day is observed on January 2, aimed at remembering former U.S. President Nixon’s 55 mph speed limit proclamation. 55 mph Speed Limit Day is a day to think regarding road safety and energy conservation and make smarter and safer decisions on the road.


The U.S. Congress introduced the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, including a National Maximum Speed Limit of 55 mph on all four-lane highways. On January 2, 1974, President Nixon signed the bill into law.

Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada took the place of traditional speeding tickets with “energy-wasting fines” of $5 to $15. In 1995, the U.S. Congress removed all federal speed limit controls in the National Highway System Designation Act, and returened the power of setting speed limits back to the states.

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