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Zika virus detected in Karnataka

The first case of Zika virus in Karnataka has been found. A five-year-old girl from Raichur district has been infected with the Zika virus and has tested positive, said health minister K Sudhakar. As per the lab report, A 5-year-old girl in Karnataka’s Raichur has tested positive for the Zika virus and has been advised to take precautionary measures.

Zika virus in India

  • Zika virus cases were found in Kerala, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh.

What is the Zika virus disease

  • The Zika virus disease is transmitted via the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, which is also known to transmit infections such as Dengue and Chikungunya.
  • The case of virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947.
  • Zika virus can be very dangerous among pregnant women, especially for fetuses.
  • The infection can cause microcephaly (a brain disability condition) or other conditions called congenital Zika syndrome.

Zika virus symptoms

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis (red eyes)
  • Muscle pain

Zika virus cases worldwide

  • Cases of Zika virus disease globally declined from 2017 onwards; however, Zika virus transmission persists at low levels in several countries in the Americas and in other endemic regions.

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