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Yuri Andropov Quiz

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Yuri Andropov Quiz Questions and Answers

Q.1 When was Yuri Andropov born?
Ans – 15 June 1914

Q.2 Where was Yuri Andropov born?
Ans – Nagutskoye

Q.3 Yuri Andropov worked as a boatman on which river?
Ans – Volga

Q.4 In which university, Yuri Andropov studied?
Ans – Petrozavdosk university

Q.5 In which year, was Yuri Andropov transferred to Moscow?
Ans – 1951

Q.6 Yuri Andropov served as ambassador of?
Ans – Hungary

Q.7 Yuri Andropov served as ———— from 1967-1982.
Ans – KGB chief

Q.8 When was Yuri Andropov appointed as the Secretary General of the USSR?
Ans – 12 November 1982

Q.9 Yuri Andropov was elected as President of the USSR on?
Ans – 16 June 1983

Q.10 Yuri Andropov died on?
Ans – 9 February 1984

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