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World’s strongest passports list 2022: India stands at 87th position, UAE ranked the best

The world’s strongest passports list 2022 has been released by Arton Capital ranked the world’s strongest and weakest passports. as per the Passports Index 2022 list, UAE has got the first position in the rating of passports for 2022, while India was ranked 87 in the list of the strongest passports in the world.

  • While UAE topped the list and followed by Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, and France have been ranked next. Pakistan was 94th, while Afghanistan was last.
  • This year’s list was prepared by Henley & Partners ranked the nation’s travel document as the best in the world.

Passport Index 2022

  • Arton Capital published Passport Index 2022 to rank the world’s strongest and weakest passports.
  • The passport rankings show how many countries you can visit without a visa.

Passport Index methodology

  • The Passport Index methodology is based on the 139 United Nations members, with six territories considered for the list.
  • all information is based on official information provided by governments, updated in real-time with crowdsourced intelligence, and strengthened with exclusive research from incredibly reliable sources.

three-tier method is used to determine the individual rank of each passport

  • mobility score (MS) – includes visa-free (VF), visa on arrival (VOA), eTA and eVisa (if issued within 3 days), VF portion of their score vs VOA, and United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 2018 (UNDP HDI).
  • The UNDP HDI is an essential indicator of a country’s international perception.

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