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World Veterinary Day 2023: Theme, History and Significance

World Veterinary Day 2023: Theme, History and Significance – Every year, World Veterinary Day is observed on the last Saturday of April. In 2023, this day falls on 29th April. the main purpose of the World Veterinary Association is to provide global leadership for the veterinary profession and promote animal health and welfare and public health through advocacy, education, and partnership.

World Veterinary Day 2023: Theme

  • The theme for World Veterinary Day 2023 is Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in the Veterinary Profession.
  • The theme for World Veterinary Day 2022 is “Strengthening Veterinary Resilience”.
  • The theme 2021 of the World Veterinary Day is ‘Veterinarian response to the COVID-19 crisis.’

World Veterinary Day 2023: History

  • In the year 2001, this day was celebrated by people for the first time. It is known as an annual celebration for the veterinary profession in the world.
  • The main purpose behind this is to encourage veterinary professionals who are working to improve human and animal welfare, food safety, animal transport and quarantine practices, and environment and environmental conservation and protection.
  • in 1761 in Lyon, France, the day was observed with the founding day of the first veterinary school.
  • that aim was to make people aware of the benefits of vaccination for animal, human, and public health.

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