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World Snowboard Day – December 21, 2023

World Snowboard Day – Every year, World Snowboard Day is observed on December 21, aimed at celebrating this exciting sport and its 60-year history. Snowboarding became a popular American recreational sport in the late 20th century. It is an important feature of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

World Snowboard Day – Background

The National Surfing Championship was held in Muskegon, Michigan and the first competition to give a cash prize. The first World Championship took place at Soda Springs, CA in 1983. Two years later the first Snowboarding Worldcup took place in Zürs, Austria which further cemented the sport’s identity. In 1990, the International Snowboarding Federation (I.S.F.) was established.

World Snowboard Day – Dates

2022December 21Wednesday
2023December 21Thursday
2024December 21Saturday
2025December 21Sunday
2026December 21Monday

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