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World Hepatitis Day 2023: Date, history, theme and significance

World Hepatitis Day is observed each year on July 28, aimed at raising awareness of viral hepatitis and its impact on global health. The purpose of the day is to promote prevention, testing, and treatment, and to show support for those affected by hepatitis. hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that causes severe liver disease and hepatocellular cancer.

  • As per the data, someone dies from hepatitis or other associated illnesses every 30 seconds globally. The main goal of World Hepatitis Day is to raise public awareness of the issue and the steps that need to be taken for improving efforts at viral hepatitis prevention, screening, and control.

When is World Hepatitis Day?

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28 annually with the primary goal of raising awareness about hepatitis on a global level.

World Hepatitis Day: History

Initially, World Hepatitis Day was used to be observed on May 19, later, it moved to July 28 in 2010. The World Hepatitis Alliance was founded in 2007 and conducted the first community-driven World Hepatitis Day in 2008.

World Health Assembly decided to honor the birthday of Dr. Baruch Samuel Blumberg, the American physician credited with discovering Hepatitis B in the 1960s. Hepatitis Day, celebrated on July 28th, acts as an occasion to enhance national and international efforts against hepatitis, encouraging action and involvement from individuals, partners, and the public.

World Hepatitis Day 2023: Theme

  • World Hepatitis Day 2023 theme is ‘One life, one liver.’
  • The theme of World Hepatitis Day 2022 is ‘Bringing hepatitis care closer to you’.
  • The theme of World Hepatitis Day 2021 is “Hepatitis can’t wait”,
  • The theme highlights the urgency of efforts needed to eliminate hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.
  • With a person dying every 30 seconds from a hepatitis-related illness — even in the current COVID-19 crisis — we can’t wait to act on viral hepatitis.

What is the Hepatitis 

  • Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that causes a series of health problems which can lead to death.
  • There are 5 main strains of the hepatitis virus A, B, C, D, and E.
  • Hepatitis B and C are known as the most common cause of death, have accounted for over 1.3 million deaths each year.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

  • Loss of appetite
  • Yellow discolouration of skin and eyes(Jaundice)
  • Pale stools
  • Dim pee
  • Stomach pain
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Abrupt weight reduction
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dark urine

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