World Day for War Orphans 2023

Every year, World Day for War Orphans is observed on January 6 across the world, aimed at highlighting the plight and challenges faced by orphans who have lost their parents as a result of wars and conflicts. SOS Enfants en Detresses, a French organization adopted this day to raise awareness about this crucial issue faced globally.

World Day for War Orphans 2023: History

  • Romans established the first orphanage in the world to support widows and orphans of war in 400 A.D. Children whose parents were killed in military service were cared for until the age of 18.
  • American social reformer Charles Loring Brace, foster care became a popular alternative to orphanages.
  • Charles Loring Brace served as the executive secretary of the Children’s Aid Society of New York City for 37 years.

World Day for War Orphans 2023: Theme

  • The theme of World Day for War Orphans 2023 is “Standing Up for War-Affected Children”, focusing global attention on the challenges these children face and how to best meet their needs.

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