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World Braille Day 2024: Theme, History & Significance

World Braille Day 2024: World Braille Day is observed on January 4 every year. The day is a special day to remember Louis Braille, the person who created Braille, a way for blind people to read. It also appreciates how Braille has made life better for millions of blind people around the world. It aims to remind us that blind people should have the same rights as everyone else.

What is a Braille System?

Each letter of the alphabet and each number are represented by 6 dots in the tactile writing system called Braille. Also, the dots stand for mathematical, scientific, and musical symbols. Blind or partially sighted people will be able to read and write using this system. They can read books with the visual font using Braille.

World Braille Day 2024 Theme

The theme for World Braille Day 2024, “Empowering Through Inclusion and Diversity,”

World Braille Day 2024: History

January 4 is designated as Braille Day, aimed at promoting understanding of the importance of Braille as a form of communication and the full realisation of human rights for those who are partially sighted or blind. The UN General Assembly designated January 4 to be World Braille Day in November 2018.

The UN mentions: “In November 2018 (Resolution A/RES/73/161), the General Assembly decided to proclaim 4 January as World Braille Day, recognizing that the full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms relies on an inclusive written promotion.”

The UNGA chose the day for the celebration which also marks Louis Braille’s birthday. Louis Braille was from France and became blind when he was a kid. He accidentally hurt his eyes, and that changed his life. At the age of 10 years old, he moved to a special school for blind kids in France. He introduced the idea of using raised dots to make a special code for reading with your fingertips. This code is known as Braille.


When is World Braille Day observed?

World Braille Day is observed on January 4th.

Who is Louis Braille?

Louis Braille was the inventor of the Braille language. Braille was born on 4th January 1809 in France.

Why is World Braille Day celebrated on January 4?

Every year, January 4 is internationally marked as World Braille Day to commemorate the birthday of French educator Louis Braille.

Who invented Braille?

LOUIS BRAILLE, a blind French educator.

How many dots are in braille?

There are 63 dot patterns or characters in the Braille system.

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