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World Anaesthesia Day 2023: History, and Types of Anaesthesia

World Anaesthesia Day 2023: History, and Types of Anaesthesia – Every year, World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on October 16th across the world. this day marks the first successful demonstration of diethyl ether anaesthesia in 1846. This day is also known as National Anaesthesia Day or Ether Day in some countries. Anesthesia is called a state of temporary impairment of awareness or sensation and leads to painless surgical procedures. the anaesthesia puts a patient into brief unconsciousness.

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World Anaesthesia Day 2023: Theme

In 2023, the World Anaesthesia Day 2023 theme is “Anaesthesia and Cancer Care.”

World Anaesthesia Day 2023 History

  • W.T.G Morton had discovered the first official successful demonstration of ether as an anaesthetic, starting the era of the practice of anesthesiology.
  • The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) celebrates World Anaesthesia Day in collaboration with 150 countries.

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Types of Anaesthesia

Local Anaesthesia– is used for minor surgery in a specific part of the body and its duration is also relatively less.

General Anaesthesia: When general anaesthesia is used, it leaves the patient unconscious with relaxed muscles. General anaesthesia is administered by inhalation or injection.

Regional Anaesthesia – is used to numb a larger portion of the body like the abdomen.

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