What is Embed Tag in HTML

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What is Embed Tag in HTML

Using Embed tag, we can include external plugins such as flash player, web page, a picture, a media player into our website or web page. Embed HTML tag has some attributes they are:

  • src
  • height
  • weight
  • autoplay
  • loop
  • playcount
heightSpecifies the height of the embedded contentpixels
srcSpecifies the address of the external fileURL
typeSpecifies the media typemedia_type
widthSpecifies the width of the embedded contentpixels
<embed src="Path" height="400" width="400" autoplay="true" playcount="2" loop="true" > Start my Video </embed>

Note: embed tag is no longer used by browsers. instead of embed tag, you can use such tags;

To add Image – <img>

To show HTML – <iframe>

To add video or audio file to web page – <video>, <audio>

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