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What Happened to Jeamie Tshikeva?, Jeamie Tshikeva Eye Injury

Jeamie Tshikeva is a British boxer and his career faced a tragic turn when he suffered a gruesome eye injury in the ring.

What Happened to Jeamie Tshikeva?

In his recent boxing match, Jeamie Tshikeva took a brutal injury. His opponent, Igor Macedo of Brazil hit a powerful right hand to Tshikeva during the sixth round of the fight at York Hall. This resulted in a gruesome injury to Tshikeva’s right eye, causing prompt bleeding and facial disfigurement.

Tshikeva dropped his hands due to being overwhelmed by the injury, and the fight was promptly stopped by the referee. He was brought to the hospital for medical attention and to have the wound stitched up. unfortunately, The incident left the first defeat of Tshikeva’s professional boxing career and extended concerns regarding the extent of his injury.

Jeamie Tshikeva Injury Update

Jeamie Tshikeva’s condition has become a matter of concern after getting a devastating injury in the boxing match against Igor Macedo. his right eye got significant damage. Tshikeva was sent to the hospital, where he took treatment to address the gruesome wound.

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