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Weigh-In Day 2024: History, Dates

Weigh-In Day is an annual celebration and it takes place on January 4. The day falls after all the big festivities like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s are over. By weighing, we can encourage ourselves to get started on our fitness goals and healthy diet routines. The day serves as a necessary reminder to get our bodies back on track.

Weigh-In Day 2024: History

The oldest version of the weighing scale is associated with 2400 B.C. in the Indus River valley. These were balance scales which were used for banking and exchange, with uniform polished stone cubes as measuring stones on one side of the scale. People held a varying range of masses used for calculation. In 1878 B.C., Egyptian merchants started using scales to measure gold. Marks on stones with the hieroglyphic symbol for gold act as evidence of this gold measuring system, with scales depicted through signs or murals on ancient walls.

Weigh-In Day 2024: Dates

2024January 4Thursday
2025January 4Saturday
2026January 4Sunday
2027January 4Monday
2028January 4Tuesday

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How to Celebrate Weigh-In Day

Buy a weighing balance – You can purchase a weighing scale and can get rid of your fears by weighing yourself.

Start a healthy diet – Make a plan for your meals every day and switch to a nutritious, low-carb diet.

Get a gym membership – You can join the gym to motivate yourself to get in shape.

Weigh-In Day 2024: Timeline

  • 2400 B.C. – The Weighing Scale
  • 1878 B.C. – Egyptian Merchants Measure Gold
  • 19th Century – European Soldiers are Weighed
  • 20th Century – Self-Measuring Scales


When should I weigh myself during the day?

Weighing oneself at the same time every day can be ideal for the best results.

Should you weigh yourself daily?

Daily weighing can remind you of your fitness goals. You can keep track of your weight fluctuations.


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