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UGC launches ‘unified portal’ for faculty recruitment in central varsities

UGC launches ‘unified portal’ for faculty recruitment in central varsities – THE UNIVERSITY Grants Commission (UGC) launched a ‘unified portal i.e. curec.samarth.ac.in,’ for the recruitment of faculty to central universities, where nearly 31% of the sanctioned positions are vacant, As per the Union Government’s recent submission in the Lok Sabha.

  • UGC chairperson M Jagadesh Kumar launched the portal @curec.samarth.ac.in that will carry a consolidated list of job openings across all central universities and provide a simple interface to apply.
  • The portal will benefit both applicants and universities.
  • The portal will “help UGC hand-hold the universities to fast-track the recruitment process, as it will show real-time data on vacancies, applications under consideration, and also track whether the reservation policy is being followed or not”.
  • Applicants will get a consolidated list of openings across the central universities, and personalised dashboards to help manage the application process.
  • It will use filters such as location, designation, subject, experience and education level, which the applicants can tick to view the openings that suit them.

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unified portal Application Process-

Follow the steps below to use the common recruitment portal. You can use your profile to apply to multiple positions with a single click.

  • Complete your profile – First of all, you will need to complete your profile in order to apply for a job application.
  • Find Job Posts / Apply using your Profile – You will use the ‘Browse Vacancies’ page to search for job posts. Apply using one single click by auto-importing your filled data in your profile.
  • Fill out Additional Form Details
  • Submit and Track Your Application Status – Preview and submit your application after checking thoroughly. Applicants can also track multiple stages of their applications.

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unified portal queries/inquiries-

  • Technical Helpdesk – curec.helpdesk@samarth.ac.in

CU चयन Portal

  • CU चयन is a comprehensive job portal for Central Universities and HEIs in India. It offers various features that make it an ideal platform for recruitment. Firstly, it allows applicants to register on the platform and create their profiles which can be easily accessed by Universities looking at their needs. applicants can also browse available job listings and apply directly through the platform, making it easier to find relevant posts.

What is CU-Chayan portal?

  • CU- Chayan is a unified recruitment portal designed and developed specifically for faculty recruitment in Central Universities. The Chairman of UGC launched the Portal on May 2nd, 2023.
  • The CU- Chayan Portal is entirely user-friendly and meets the needs of all the stakeholders in the recruitment process.
  • UGC developed this Portal to create an enabling environment for both central universities and the applicants, with central universities driving all the stages of recruitment independently, as is presently being done in the respective central universities.

Features of the CU-Chayan portal?

The Portal delivers a common platform for listing vacancies/advertisements/ faculty positions across all Universities. The Portal makes the recruitment process entirely online, from application to screening, with alerts to all portal users.

  • Single applicant login for applying to any/all Central Universities
  • Real-time tracking of the application
  • Personalized dashboard for each Applicant
  • Admin dashboard for each Central University/Department
  • Built-in email communication tool
  • Online feedback/reference for Applicants
  • Real-time analysis and application insights

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