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Typing Day – January 8, 2024

Each year, Typing Day is observed on January 8. It celebrates the ability to type and communicate with one another. The day also marks an important figure, a landmark historical event, or the birth of a religious leader. World Typing Day aims to remember the past, honour the present, and marvel at the future.

Typing Day – History

In 1874, The first commercial typewriters were introduced. The day honours a written form of communication that ensures speed, accuracy, and efficiency, was established in Malaysia. The Malaysian Speed Typing Contest was held in 2011 and was the first event that established Typing Day as an essential addition to calendars worldwide.

War on Poverty Day – January 8, 2024


2024January 8Monday
2025January 8Wednesday
2026January 8Thursday
2027January 8Friday
2028January 8Saturday


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