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Turkey Neck Soup Day – March 30, 2024

Every year, National Turkey Neck Soup Day is celebrated on March 30. Turkey’s neck has become famous amongst food lovers and can be used to make homemade stock. On this day, people celebrate buying a whole turkey plus onions, carrots, herbs, and other seasoning to make a yummy soup.

How to make Turkey Neck Soup?

Turkey Neck Soup is made by putting all the ingredients in a pot and is left to boil or simmer for hours until it reaches the required stock consistency. The soup is prepared using many turkey necks.

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Turkey neck soup will be considered as a special dish for holidays, and families. It is easy to make and is also made during winter as comfort food.

How to Celebrate Turkey Neck Soup Day?

Share your recipes 

People can inspire others to make this yummy soup along with sharing pictures and recipes on social media.

Make some delicious turkey neck soup

You can make a classic turkey neck soup for your friends and family members on this day. People can enjoy the aroma and a bowl of this flavorful soup.

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2024March 30Saturday
2025March 30Sunday
2026March 30Monday
2027March 30Tuesday
2028March 30Thursday


When is Turkey Neck Soup Day held?

It is held on March 30.


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