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Tripura as 4th State To Implement E-Cabinet System

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha launched an e-cabinet system at Agartala, aimed at promoting digital infrastructure development and digitisation of government services and information. With this, Tripura became the 4th Indian state after Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh which introduced an e-cabinet system. Now, All upcoming cabinet meetings will be conducted paperless, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental degradation in the process, with ministers and bureaucrats using tablets.

The e-cabinet will follow a similar model introduced in Uttarakhand. The executives of the National Informatics Centre as well as the state’s information and cultural affairs department launched the e-cabinet system.

e-cabinet app

The e-cabinet app contains various features to facilitate uploading of cabinet memos marked with date and time so that ministers, the chief secretary, secretaries and other officials can review and approve them online. The application will include the highest degree of privacy protection safeguards.

About Tripura

  • Capital: Agartala
  • Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Kokborok, English Language
  • Official flower: Ceylon ironwood
  • Chief minister: Manik Saha
  • Official animal: Phayre’s leaf monkey
  • Official bird: Green imperial pigeon
  • Districts: 8

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