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IELTS Best Reading Tips – Top 5 Tips for IELTS Reading

Top 5 Tips for IELTS Reading

In this article, we are going to explain the top 5 IELTS reading tips that are most followed by IELTS students and they get 7+ Band in IELTS. As we know students we have to complete 40 questions and there is NO extra time to fill answers on the answer sheet. Reading Test IELTS is done after the Listening Test.

IELTS Reading Tips

Tip 1: Don’t suppose to understand every word

  • Most of IELTS centres are focusing to make students taught to look up each and every dictionary’s word. if a student can not understand a word in the IELTS reading test then, they can follow two things. first is, you must look for clues as to its meaning and the second thing is, you no need to worry about every word meaning.
  • This is waste of time and leads to panic. sometimes these words are associated with the question. focus on those words that are related to the given question.

Tip 2: Practice your reading skills

  • You need to familiarise yourself with the IELTS reading test and try to improve IELTS reading tips. The most important thing, Only a few students are here who learns from your mistakes. try to think what and where have you made mistakes.
  • From the experiences of Students, they get bored while IELTS reading texts. but, here they need to start with a habit, start reading those topics you are interested in.

Tip 3: Read the instructions VERY carefully

  • IELTS candidates sometimes don’t read the instructions properly that effect on your results. importantly, pay attention while reading instructions. most of the questions of TRUE and False are like a puzzle.
  • For example, the instructions is here: ‘write two words and/or a number’. This could mean:
  • One word
  • One word and a number
  • Two words
  • Two words and a number

Tip 4: Timing is crucial

  • If a student spends too much time on one question. he/she will leave less time for the other questions. if you attempt test too fast. it will result in missing information and getting confused
  • Our advice is that students should spend 20 minutes on the One reading section. divide 60 minutes into 3 parts and spend 17 – 18 minutes on one Reading part and 1 – 2 minutes for transferring and checking your answers.

Tip 5: Practice slow and fast

  • Under exam conditions, Students get too much pressure and they don’t give enough time to think on how to answer of question types, point patterns in questions and how you answer of questions, make a note for common vocabulary and look up how much time you have spent answering certain questions.

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