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The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary Set – Day 3

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary Set Day 3

To a good at the English language, a student has to keep in touch with new and effective words to add and build more your Dictionary. this is a difficult task if a student read the dictionary daily. PrepareExams have brought a way to learn Vocabulary constantly and efficiently. Vocabs will help in Prelims and Mains exams as well as an interview. in other words, we are hoping the Vocabulary section will help aspirants to be good at Vocabulary.

We give in vocabs such as m?

1. BREVIARY ( N ) : सारांश

Meaning : a short statements of the main points.
Synonyms : summary, conspectus, encapsulation, outline.
Antonyms : enlargement, expansion, supplement, amplification.
Sentence : The 2nd Vatican Councils revised the Breviary and changed its name to Liturgy of the Hours.

2. REPROBATE ( N ) : बदमाश.

Mean : an unprincipled person.
Synonyms : rogue, scoundrel, villain, wretch.
Antonyms : upright, virtuous, principled, righteous.
Sentence : Although an old man pretended to be a reprobate in public, in private old man did a lot of good deeds for the homeless.

3.  FURLOUGH ( N ) : थोड़े दिन की छुट्टी

Meaning : leave ofabsence, especially that is granted to member of the service or a missionary.
Synonyms : break, rest, recess, day off.
Antonyms : rehire, recall, travail, toil.
Sentence : she has just learned that Cousin Georgi got his furlough extended thirty days.

4. FEUD (N) : झगड़ा

Meaning : a prolonged and bitter quarrel or disputes.
synonym : altercation, conflict, discord, dispute
Antonym : accord, agreement, calm, concord
Sentence : My grandfather once had a feud with the mayor of his city and they settled it with a duel.

5. LAUDABLE (Adj) : प्रशंसनीय

Meaning : (of an actions, ideas, or aims) deserving praise and commendation.
Synonyms : praiseworthy, admirable, meritorious
Sentence : Faith cease to be laudable when it is blind faith.

6. OVERTURE (N) : सन्धि प्रस्ताव

Meaning : an approachs or proposals made to someone with the aim of opening negotiation or establishing a relationship.
Synonyms : approach, proposal, tender, suggestion
Sentence : Riya began making overtures to British merchant banks.

7. SULLY (V) : भ्रष्ट

Meaning : to ruin or damage
Synonyms : corrupt, defile
Antonyms : clean, enhance
Sentence : If the chemical plant is built near the park. probably, it will sully the clean air in the area.

8. SERVILE (Adj) : नितान्त

Meaning : eagerTo serve and please someone else in a way that shows a lack of respect for yourself
Synonyms : abject, beggarly
Antonyms : dominant, aggressive
Sentence : The vast majority of bond-servants had been freed in the city and legally servile statuses largely abolished.

9. CAPTIOUS (Adj) : छिद्रान्वेषी

Meaning : always looking for faults, hard to please
Synonyms : censorious, carping
Antonyms : flattering, praising
Sentence : When my captious teachers grades my essays. they always find a minor error in my work.

Vocabulary Set Day 3

New Vocab list for SBI, IBPS exam 2020.


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