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The Colosseum Quiz

The Colosseum Quiz – In this article, you will find The Colosseum Quiz Questions, The Colosseum Quiz answers, The Colosseum top questions, etc.

The Colosseum Quiz Questions and Answers

Q.1 The Colosseum is also known as?

Ans – The Flavian Amphitheater

Q.2 When was the Colosseum built?

Ans – 1st century AD

Q.3 The Colosseum was built by?

Ans – Vespasian

Q.4 What was the main intent of the Colosseum?

Ans – Gladiator Games and Public Spectacles

Q.5 The Colosseum had ———floors.

Ans – 4

Q.6 The capacity of the Colosseum was?

Ans – 50,000

Q.7 After the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was used for?

Ans – A church

Q.8 The Colosseum had how many entrance gates?

Ans – 80

Q.9 The Colosseum was made of which material?

Ans – Stone

Q.10 The significance of the Colosseum in the history of architecture was?

Ans – Largest amphitheater ever built.

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