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Switching to Signal – Know 5 Tips and Tricks

Switching to Signal – Know 5 Tips and Tricks

The Signal is gaining huge users and users have started switching from WhatsApp. this happened due to WhatsApp’s new privacy policies. also, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal”. the Signal app is offering the privacy-focused messaging and various features.

Signal App 5 Tips and Tricks

Set up a screen lock

  • The Signal app offers a Screen Lock function if a user’s phone is unlocked then, you will have to enter the PIN or biometric to access the phone. others could not see your messages.

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How to Set up a screen lock in Signal App

Steps are Here: Settings > Privacy > Toggle Screen Lock on.

Turn off Joined Signal notifications

  • Nowadays, users are being the part of Signal community. if you see your phone like crazy if many your contacts are getting on board. The signal app offers a feature that is turn off these notifications. users can turn off unnecessary messages.

How to Turn off Joined Signal notifications in Signal app

Settings > Notifications > Toggle Contact Joined Signal off.

Blur faces on photos

  • Users can also send photos option with various tools an automatic face blurring tool. if users don’t want to show faces then they can use face blurring tool and also, it can be used in sending an ID document, for example.

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Tap the + sign > Tap on a picture to send > Tap on the Blur button > Toggle Blur faces

Send a disappearing message

  • A few days ago, WhatsApp provided disappearing messages feature. however, Signal is providing this feature for a long time. such messages will have a time limit after that they will be deleted. hence, your conversations will keep private.

Set how many times an attachment can be seen

  • Attachment limits are a different way of sharing messages more privately. users can share a picture or video that will be watched one time after that, it will be disappeared.

Tap the + sign > Tap on a picture to send > Tap on the Infinity icon 

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Switching to Signal


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