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Strategy to prevent locust attacks

strategy to prevent locust attacks 

  • To take measures to prevent locust attacks on agricultural fields, The Narendra Singh Tomar has called a meeting with Pesticide Manufacturing Industry’s representatives. the meeting was run via a video conferencing. it aimed to find the best solutions/strategies to prevent locust attacks on agricultural fields.
  • The GOI is working with State Governments to tackle locust attacks on agricultural fields. for that matter, Centre Govt has given order of mew machines to the United Kingdom. In 2019, the first time when The locust invasion was seen.
  • However, Govt has taken steps including Tractor mounted sprayers and fire-tender vehicles, they are placed at various locations in locust control. also, other equipment are being purchased by Govt to increase the control capacity of Locust Control Organizations.

Strategy to prevent locust attack


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